Our courses are two days long, day one is 8 hours and day two is 6 hours long. The courses are theory and hands on to ensure that students learn the basic of lash extensions. We do not believe in lash overload but Jewelz Allure always have extras to give during courses to keep students ahead of the game.


Jewelz Allure holds a professional valid cosmetology license to perform and train in the lash extensions practice in govern name.


Jewelz Allure recommends that all trainees register for a aesthetic, esthetics and or cosmetology program three months after taking lash course.


All states required licensure except Wisconsin, Missouri, Maryland, Idaho, Delaware and Alabama.


A certification is not a replacement for a licensed, you must work underneath a licensed professional until you are licensed that is the proper protocol for all beauty related serviced providers.


Jewelz Allure does not mind showing any interested candidates the work she produces, the work she displayed is her artistry and filter free.


Jewelz Allure training is personal but can be offer via zoom if one prefer to trained with that option.


Jewelz Allure have been servicing clients and customers since 2014. 


Jewelz Allure course prices are available when email for inquiring is requested. Lash training is two days but offer lifetime mentorship of student is serious and commitment to making this career choice a top priority.


Jewelz Allure teaches several techniques, which the students finds the technique they’re comfortable with using. Mannequin and live model practice is mandatory.

Again, ongoing support is available.